Our charity work

Every year we select one or two charities to receive a donation from our club.

In 2020 we are supporting  the Erasmus MC Foundation for their corona research.

Our charity for 2019 was the Professor Caspar van Eijk “Survival with Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’.

In 2018 the selected charity was the Maarten van Sten Foundation.

In 2017 we made a donation to KNGF Geleidehonden (Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation). the  best known Guide Dog school in The Netherlands,

In 2016 we supported the British Legion Poppy Appeal.

In 2015 the two charities we chose to receive a donation were “Ambulance Wens” and “The Heart Pillow Project” which is an initiative organised by the American Netherlands Club of Rotterdam.

In 2014 we chose the Alzheimer Foundation in memory of one of our former members and, following a talk by Charmain Lantzendorffer, a small charity called “Knowledge for Children in Uganda”, where our donation was spent on stationery and books for the schools.